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President’s Message

I congratulate the Vice Chancellor, Dr Tariq Rafi, for the promotion of SMC to Jinnah Sindh Medical University. The up gradation of Sindh Medical College to a university has set the ball rolling and the JSMU Alumni has gathered together to set further milestones.

I welcome the alumni of Sindh Medical College to JSMU Alumni and Welfare Association website. This website shall remind you of the unforgettable years you spent at JSMU (formerly SMC) and will urge you to join hands to work further in the progression of our beloved institution. The formation of this University is a giant leap and we understand that the new administration may face various obstacles. The JSMU Alumni shall work as a watch body to help in the advancement of the newly formed university. The Alumni members should help improve student life at JSMU by providing funds and taking out time to teach students what this institute had taught us in the past.

The memorable years we spent at SMC are what made us the successful human beings we are today. It is now time to pay back. Let us all unite to pave way for the betterment of JSMU and its teaching hospital, JPMC. Only determination, cooperation and unity would lead us to our destination of making this University the top ranking medical institute of our region.

 I encourage all alumni of SMC to join hands with JSMU Alumni Association and help us fulfill our generous motives.

Dr. Zareen Fasih
Prof. of Pediatrics
President, JSMU Alumni and
Welfare Association